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Wussten Sie, dass...
Isländisch sich in den letzten tausend Jahren so wenig geändert hat, dass Isländer problemlos mittelalterliche Texte lesen können?
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Die Kundin hat sich gleich Ihre Überset­zung angeschaut und ist sehr zufrieden
He. Puse

A strong partner for your future!

Do you want to find new markets for your business at home and abroad? Do you want to attract new on-shore orders? Do you want to achieve higher sales and profits through long-term customer loyalty? … or simply to understand what your customer or supplier has written to you?

Then you will need some of our translation services!

  • 14 years’ “know how” in the translation sector
  • over 300 translators specialising in 40 areas
  • over 200 language combinations
  • steady growth, thanks to high customer satisfaction
  • adopting new challenges
  • personal advice and assistance on demand

These are the facts that convince!

  • From user manual to an annual report to a business letter,
  • from technical to medical to financial,
  • from the USA to Europe to China,
  • from Afrikaans to Zulu to Japanese,
  • from translation to interpreting to desk top publishing

there is almost nothing that we cannot do for you. Talk to us about it!

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